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News & Notes

After years of talking about it, we've finally set up a PJ Poster Archive Forum. We realize there are other forums out there, but hopefully this will be useful for learning more about your favorites or setting up trades.  
Latest Addition
Vote For Change Tour Poster
We'll also be upgrading several aspects of the site in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned. As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, don't hesitiate to write us. Happy Holidays!
Time to finish your Vote For Change poster collection! Search eBay:
10/1 "N" Reading, PA 10/2 "E" Toledo, OH 10/3 "O" Grand Rapids, MI
10/5 "C" St. Louis, MO 10/6 "O" Asheville, NC 10/8 "N" Kissimmee
The Vote For Change prints are coming in. We've got a few up now including the Tour poster.
Finally some new prints! The Boston show posters are now up in the 2004 section.
Added 2003 MSG photo poster currently available from The black and white poster features a photo by Danny Clinch and measures in at 3'x2'.
Upgraded images for 11/19/96 Istanbull, 11/24-25/96 Portugal, 9/16/96 Seattle, 10/2/96 Hartford
Added several new images including 10/28-29/96 London and 11/4/96 Hamburg.
The 2003 sections are now complete in terms of official Ames Bros. prints. Things have definitely slowed down some without PJ touring, but many posters are still trading hands on ebay. If you've got any holes in your 2003 collection now would be a good time to pick up those missing prints as prices are definitely lower than six months ago. has sold out of all Riot Act LE and AP1 prints, and only Second Artist's Proofs remain for select posters. Others have sold out completely. Who's ready for another tour?
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