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Next: The New Generation in Graphic Design
This book features many Ames Bros. designs, with the majority being Pearl Jam related. With a foreword by Art Chantry, this book takes a look at the present and future of graphic design. A fantastic book for the Pearl Jam poster collector.
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The Man's Ruin: The Art of Frank Kozik
Very little needs to be said for the art of Frank Kozik. Arguably the catalyst for the popularity of the modern rock print, Kozik's prints are instantly recognizable. The designer for several of the most popular Pearl Jam prints of the 1990's, this book is a great way to see high quality images of his work without having to spend a fortune purchasing prints..
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Some People Can't Surf: The Graphic Design of Art Chantry
The first from Mr. Chantry, this book provides commentary and context for many of his incredible designs. Definitely a legend in the business, you will not be disappointed by this book.
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Hatch Show Print
This book chronicles the fascinating history of Hatch Show Print located in Nashville, TN. Since the late 1800's Hatch has created prints for a laundry list of acts, including Pearl Jam. Using basically the same technology today as they did in the beginning, Hatch remains extremely popular.
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Loser: The Real Seattle Music Story
Another Art Chantry related product, this book is a chronological account of the Seattle scene. Another great read for Pearl Jam fans.
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Posters American Style
While not directly Pearl Jam related, this book focuses on the power of the poster, specifically those created right here in the good ol' US of A. Although somewhat of a "history of" book, many timeless prints -- from environmental awareness to rock art -- are showcased.
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Pearl Jam Place/Date
This is just an obvious must-have for Pearl Jam fans. Where posters are created to help remember a show, nothing quite captures the band in their element like actual photos of them in action.
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The Art of the Fillmore 1966-1971
Although the prints in this book obviously pre-date Pearl Jam, there is some legendary stuff in here. Features full color reproductions of over 400 hand-drawn posters, handbills, and tickets.
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The Art of Rock: Posters from Presley to Punk
At a ridiculous 512 pages, this book has everything a poster collector could want. It contains over 1500 color illustrations and has become somewhat of a bible for serious rock poster collectors.
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Ode To Joy: Posters, Prints and Other Work
Published in 1999, this is another classic collection of Frank's work. Do yourself a favor and pick up one of Frank's books.
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