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Pearl Jam Poster Trading Post

Please Note: This page is offered as a free service without warranties of any kind.
To list an extra poster for trade or a poster wanted, please e-mail me with your name, e-mail address, a description of the poster, and what you are willing to trade for. Please note that this is not an auction site. If you wish you auction off posters, ebay is recommended.
To make an offer to a listed trader, click on their name and write them directly. Please do not e-mail me to make an offer. I only post the names of traders, I do not execute trades.


Trader Has an extra: Is looking for:   Wants: Will Offer: Date
Chris       98 Montreal/Toronto '95 New Orleans, Bootlegs 10/22/00
Allen Various Trades       10/24/00
TJ       2000 Vegas $, T, Bootlegs 10/23/00
Jon       12/31/91 SanFran $, T 10/25/00
Dave       2000 Philly $, Bootlegs 10/26/00
Robert       2000 Binaural North American Tour $ 11/6/00
David       10/12/00 KC $ 11/6/00
T = Trade            
$ = Cash            

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