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(96 Total Posters)

1/19/01 Three rare posters have shown up on ebay. A 1996 Rome (Locchi) ends January 20th and is at $67. Although this may not show it dollar wise, it is one of the rarer mass produced Pearl Jam posters out there. A 1994 Cleveland (Hess) with a print run of only 350 is also up for bids. Currently at $178, I'm guessing it will close well over $200. And finally, closing 1/24 is a 1991 Austin (Kozik) RHCP/Smashing Pumpkins/PJ poster. This is also another very rare poster that doesn't show up often.
1/15/01 I'm back from vacation so that means many updates need to be made. Thanks to everyone for the e-mails and ideas. I'll be making a lot of changes to the page in the near future. If anyone is still looking for 2000 US posters keep checking in at As of now Boston, Jones Beach, Phily and Virginia Beach posters are available. That's a nice little surprise for those of us who don't want to pay ebay prices to finish our collections. Our fellow collector Michael T. had a great idea and started a PJ Poster Club on Yahoo. Hopefully this will be a good place for traders to reach eachother.
12/13/00 Added 9/28/96, 10/4/96 (Conal), 10/7/96, 11/19/96 and 11/24/96 posters. Thanks again Allen.
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Recent Ebay Auctions:    
Poster Final Bid Closed
2000 Portland (Kuhn) $68.51 12/04/00
2000 LA/SD(Ames) $42.05 12/04/00
1996 Randalls Island (Ames) $27.00 12/04/00
2000 Boston (Ames) $50.00 12/04/00
1998 L2L (Ames) $23.50 12/04/00/00
1998 Maui (Taz) $50.00 12/03/00
2000 Portland (King) $46.00 12/03/00

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