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News and Update Archive


4/26/01 Quoted directly from our friend and fellow collector Monkeywrenchboy, "Apparently there were posters being given away at the UCLA screening for the dvd. I was told attendees had their choice of 4 including the summer of 98 Yield tour and the Do the Evolution poster..." If that is the case, I would walk, run, drive, hanglide... whatever you can do to get to the next screening. The words "free" and "Pearl Jam Poster" are very rarely seen together.
4/18/01 While there's a lul in the PJ poster action, check out some of these great sites for your poster fix:
Allen's PJ Poster Database has tons of great info, including approximate prices for your posters.
The Pearl Jam Poster Club started by our friend Michael is a great source for collectors. Have a question about PJ posters? Ask it here...
Positive Rock Art still has a few older PJ posters available, as well as many posters from other bands.
Voodoo Catbox is a great site as well. They're sold out of the famous Portland poster from the 2000 tour, but they have many other great posters for sale. I am personally a huge fan of their work
Looking for storage materials for your posters? Bags Unlimited offers everything you need, from tubes to archival safe sleeves and backing boards.
Also, in case anyone doesn't know yet... the PJ Touring Band 2000 DVD is now available through the Ten Club... Enjoy!
4/16/01 Several rarer posters have found their way to ebay. Ending 4/17 are a Boston '98, a NYC '98 and a '96 Amsterdam. An artists' proof of the '97 Stones/PJ (Chavez) poster ends on 4/18.
4/3/01 I haven't had a chance to add them to the master list yet, but check out two old school handbills that just came in : Mother Love Bone at the Vogue and PJ 7/4/91. (Thanks Chris!)
3/30/01 If you have the chance, check out a great interview with Jeff Ament on How bad do you wish you could just sit down and talk music with Jeff!?
3/20/01 Sorry for the break in the action. Tripod took the site down for some unknown reason, but wrote me and apologized, so we're back in business. Thanks to everyone who have been sending larger images for the master list. I'll be adding several new images to the yearly pages, but the master list should be up to date. If you happen to click on a link that doesn't work, please let me know so I can fix it. Thanks!
2/28/01 The master list is finally finished as far as links to all of the posters. It also contains several new images including RFC '98 (Ames), '98 NYC (Ames), '00 NA Tour (Blue) and an interesting L2L Store Promo poster. This images are not yet in the regular archive pages, but I will get them there soon. I have also linked several dates on the master list to larger, higher quality images, as loading time should not be a problem. Check out the beautiful image of the '97 Stones / PJ (Chavez) poster (Thanks Scott!).
2/18/01 All the links aren't set up yet, but if you're interested check out my attempt at a complete list of PJ show posters. I'm still missing a lot of info, so any help would be great.
2/13/01 I've been working on a master list with individual links to posters for those with slower connections. It has also proved a good way to find out what poster images I'm missing. As of now, I know I am missing the following posters:
9/19/98 VFC, 9/18/98 Washington, DC, 9/15-16/98 Boston, 9/13/98 Hartford, 9/8&10/98 East Rutherford/NYC, 9/7/98 Virginia Beach, 8/31/98 Raleigh, 8/28-29/98 Philly, 7/3/98 Kansas City, 6/30/98 Minneapolis, 6/21/98 Salt Lake City, Oakland '97 (Ames), 11/15/96 Prague.
Whew. Anyone else ever realize there are a hell of a lot of PJ posters out there? If anyone has any of these images I would love to get them. I should have that master list up in the next day or two.
2/8/01 I got another e-mail today regarding a poster seen in the lots at the Saratoga show this summer. I was told it "looked to be silkscreened" and was "an image of a train, maybe." Did anyone else happen to see this or know anything about it? I didn't see it there but of course that doesn't mean it wasn't.
1/30/01 I was just looking through some completed ebay auctions... did anyone else realize a 1993 Neil Young/PJ/Blind Melon (Kozik) - one of my alltime favorites - finished at $500 a few weeks ago? That's the highest priced PJ poster I've seen in my time following this stuff. I'm going to be updating/adding several images in the next few days. I am still looking for quality images of the Todd McFarlane Do the Evolution poster, and the 2000 NA Tour (Blue) poster. If anyone has either of these, please e-mail me. Thanks!
1/28/01 In case anyone hasn't checked in yet, relased a few more posters for sale. Available now are the Paris/Verona/Milan, Eastern Block, Central Europe, Virginia Beach, Philly, Texas and Seattle posters. Also, first block of US tour bootlegs are now on sale for Ten Club members.
1/25/01 Plenty of new happenings in the PJ poster community. If you haven't yet, be sure to check out the PJ Poster Club that Mike set up. Also, check out the new Pearl Jam Poster Values page. In an attempt to shy away from talking about 2000 posters, a 1995 Austin, Etc. (Ames) poster is up on ebay. Anyone remember when these were available from Ten Club for $8 a piece (on special!) because they couldn't get rid of them? Or when you got a 1993 tour poster with every order you placed through Ten Club? I was looking through some of my old mailings and I want to kick myself looking at 10 1996 tour posters selling for $12 each. I guess you win some and lose some. The 1994 Cleveland (Hess) closed on 1/21 for $306. I didn't expect it to break $300. What amazes me most is that a 1991 PJ/RHCP/Smashing Pumpkins (Kozik) closed 3 days later with zero bids @ $209. With the continued popularity of Kozik items and 3 incredible bands represented, I would expect this poster to sell easily at that price.
1/19/01 Three rare posters have shown up on ebay. A 1996 Rome (Locchi) ends January 20th and is at $67. Although this may not show it dollar wise, it is one of the rarer mass produced Pearl Jam posters out there. A 1994 Cleveland (Hess) with a print run of only 350 is also up for bids. Currently at $178, I'm guessing it will close well over $200. And finally, closing 1/24 is a 1991 Austin (Kozik) RHCP/Smashing Pumpkins/PJ poster. This is also another very rare poster that doesn't show up often.
1/15/01 'm back from vacation so that means many updates need to be made. Thanks to everyone for the e-mails and ideas. I'll be making a lot of changes to the page in the near future. If anyone is still looking for 2000 US posters keep checking in at As of now Boston, Jones Beach, Phily and Virginia Beach posters are available. That's a nice little surprise for those of us who don't want to pay ebay prices to finish our collections. Our fellow collector Michael T. had a great idea and started a PJ Poster Club on Yahoo. Hopefully this will be a good place for traders to reach eachother.
12/27/00 Happy Holidays everyone!'s "Consume" was closed for the holidays and reopened with a present for poster collectors. Now available are several posters that were believed to have sold out, and one new poster that was never available on The Central Europe "Astronaut" poster, along with the Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Iberian and Paris/Verona/Milan are listed. For $15 how can you go wrong? Not too much other news to report. Prices for on ebay seem to be steady, with the exception of the Seattle poster which seems to be gaining in value. Thanks to everyone that has been sending in images, etc. Hopefully I'll have a new look up for this page in the near future.
12/13/00 Added 9/28/96, 10/4/96 (Conal), 10/7/96, 11/19/96 and 11/24/96 posters. Thanks again Allen.
12/10/00 I'd really like to get some new posters up, and I think I figured out a good way to get them. Here it goes: anyone who submits a quality image of a poster/handbill/show announcement not yet in the archive will be entered into a drawing for a 1995 New Orleans (Ames) poster. Submissions must be made by 3/1/00, and I will include anyone who has sent me images in the last two weeks. The drawing will be held 3/2/00. Your name will be entered once for every different image you send. I offer one other way to be entered- I would really like better images of '90-'91 fliers/handbills. If anyone has physical copies of any of these, I would be more than happy to pay for you to make a copy, and also for shipping. These will not be recopied or resold. I would simply like them for collection purposes. Specifically, I know the 2/20/91 poster was sold on Ebay last year, so there must be copies floating around somewhere. PLEASE NOTE: As much as I'd love to have them, I can not accept images that have been taken from Five Horizons. They have done their own work and I cannot steal that. If you can get their written permission, that would be great, but without that I cannot accept images taken from their pages. Thanks!
12/10/00 Updated poster sizes for most 2000 US tour posters. Special thanks to Allen Robertson.
12/7/00 Sorry for the lack of updates. I plan to have 5 new posters up by the weekend. I'm still looking for a quality image of the 2000 Montreal (Ames) poster, 2000 East Block (Limited) poster, and one other 2000 poster I believe. I'd like to have them all so, if anyone has pics I would be grateful. Only two European posters remain on It's amazing to me how fast the rest have gone. Does anyone else remember how long Ten Club had the 1995 New Orleans (Ames) posters available? If I remember correctly they still had some in late 1999, and had marked them down to $8! Something tells me that won't be happening with these posters.
12/3/00 Only three 2000 Ames posters are still on sale through All European, they are the Iberian, North Atlantic, and Paris/Verona/Milan posters. Special thanks to Ryan Timmer for sending images of the 1996 Ft. Lauderdale, 1996 Randalls Island and 1995 Salt Lake City posters. I should have them up in the next few days.
11/29/00 Added 5/29&30/00 (Ames) and 10/27/00 (Ames) posters.
11/29/00 To make loading time faster, I split the 1999-2000 posters up into two pages. Hopefully this will help. has now sold out of all remaining US tour posters. A handfull of European posters still remain. The 11/2/00 Portland poster seems to be the big winner on ebay lately. Bids for this poster remain strong while even some Ames posters seem to be overlooked. I heard a rumor that there was a poster made and sold in the lot by a fan at the Saratoga show. Anyone happen to pick up a copy?
11/27/00 I'm sorry that it is taking me so long to get these new images up. They will be up by Wednesday at the latest. I believe I will then have images of every poster from the 2000 tour. The first poster to sell out from seems to be the Sacramento/SF poster. I found two available on ebay if anyone is still looking for a copy.
11/24/00 I will now slowly insert my foot in my mouth after questioning if there would be interest in the recent auction for the Todd McFarlane Do the Evolution poster. Receiving 21 bids, it ended at $202.50. The other popular poster of the moment seems to be the 2000 Portland poster. It has been receiving bids from $60 to nearly $100.
11/23/00 Happy Thanksgiving! Select 2000 Ames posters still seem to be available through I'd imagine they're going to sell out in the near future based on the short print runs these posters had. The Ames US Tour Set stands at $390 and the Euro Tour Set is at $255 on ebay. Bargains, given the prices these posters were going for a few weeks ago. Prices for most posters have fallen and seem to be leveling out. Even Vegas posters seem to have trouble reaching $100. I will have a few new posters and some better images up in the next few days.
11/16/00 Select 2000 posters are now available on Hurry!!!
11/15/00 My favorite Kozik poster, the 1993 Neil Young/PJ/Blind Melon (Ltd. Ed. of 500) just popped up on ebay and ends on 11/19. Also, a copy of the Todd McFarlane Do the Evolution promo poster found its way to ebay and ends on 11/20 (my birthday!). I haven't seen copies of these being auctioned recently. Prices for this poster were reaching over $100 on ebay when they first came out. It will be interesting to see if the interest is still there or if people are only willing to spend the big money for Ames posters. Speaking of Ames Bros, they are auctioning complete sets of the European and American poster runs. I confirmed that these auctions are in fact the people at Ames, so bid away. They deserve our support. I added 3 new posters today including the 11/2/00 Portland poster which seems to be a popular item even though it is not an Ames poster. Can anyone confirm the artist of this poster?
11/15/00 Added 4/28-30/92, 11/12/99 and 11/2/00 posters.
11/12/00 Prices seem to be flattening out somewhat for 2000 posters. Vegas posters (Ltd. Ed. of 1150) are still getting high bids, and several others including the 10/21/00 Kuhn poster (Ltd. Ed. of 269) are still staying strong. Ames Bros. are now offering auctions on ebay. They deserve our support, so if you're going to bid incredible prices for posters, my recommendation would be to do it on their auctions. After all, they truly deserve the profit for the posters, not all the resellers. I should have a few new posters up soon, and I'd really like to see the collection grow. So if anyone has images of posters I don't have up, I would be grateful to have them. Thanks!
11/8/00 There are still some great posters on ebay in addition to the 2000 posters. An 11/4/96 (Emek) is at $152.50 and closes soon. A 1994 Cleveland (Hess) is getting the attention it deserves and is at $212.50 with 2 days left. A 1998 Boston (Ames) is at $153 and closes on 11/10. The 2000 Vegas posters are still running between $100-250. Maybe some new info will keep these prices down (see below). I just got the poster run numbers for the 2nd leg of the tour from Ames Bros.:
Montreal: 1050 Texas: 1200
Las Vegas: 1150 Seattle: 1200
Fresno/S.Bern: 1100 LA/San Diego: 1100
11/2/00 Lots of great posters are showing up on ebay. I'm going to resist tempation and not talk about the Vegas posters first. A '91 NYE RHCP/Nirvana/PJ BGP poster ends on 11/6 and still has no bids at $99. A '94 Cleveland Derek Hess poster ends on 11/9 and is currently $117.50. Does it seem odd that these incredibly rare posters sell for this "cheap," while three 2000 Vegas posters ending on 11/3 are going for $250, $250 and $202 respectively? The lastest rumor puts the Vegas poster print run at 500. Can anyone verify this? I got the following 2000 poster print run numbers from Ames Bros:
Virginia Beach: 1050 Florida: 1050
New York: 1400 Boston: 1000
Philly: 1000 Spain/Portugal: 1200
UK: 2700 Holland: 1100
East Block: 1300 East Block (Black Background): 50
Germany: 1300 Scandanavia: 1000
10/30/00 Here comes the invasion of the Las Vegas posters. Rumors of a print run around 250 and "10th Anniversary" label will probably make this the most popular poster from the 2000 tour. Average prices for this poster are already higher than the NY and Boston posters were after their shows. A few other great less-seen posters are showing up on ebay. Prices are generally much higher for all pre-2000 posters than they were before the US tour, as could be expected. The traders page is up and running. I still have a few requests to list, so if you don't see yours please be patient, I should have it up soon.
10/30/00 Added 10/14-18/00, 10/22/00, 10/24&25/00 and 10/27&28/00 posters.
10/26/00 I'm still working on a traders page and should have it up either today or tomorrow. I will also have 4 or 5 new posters up today. If anyone is in the area Ames Design announced a poster show in Seattle on November 3rd. That's all the info I have so your best bet is to write them for more information.
10/26/00 Added 1993 Tour, 10/2/96, '97 PJ/Stones Pre-Show, 8/3/00 and 10/21/00 posters.
10/23/00 Added 7/10/91, 4/19/92, 4/28/92, 6/12/00 and 8/9/00 posters.
10/21/00 A new posters was released for the Houston/Dallas/Lubbock run of shows. I should have it up soon. Ames Bros. really does a great job, don't they? The 2000 posters are still getting some pretty high bids on ebay. A '93 BGP Pearl Jam / Rollins Band poster still has no bids at $99 start. I'm kind of amazed taht people are willing to pay over $100 for a 2000 poster but not for a rarer, older poster. I guess it's just nice to have a poster from a show that you were at. It will be interesting to see of the Ten Club sells any leftovers after the tour is over.
10/15/00 Added 9/24/96, L2L (Ames), L2L (Kozik), and 9/1/00 posters
10/13/00 Added 10/7/96, 10/19 & 20/96, 11/7/96 and 7/20/00 (Rockfords) posters.


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