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Hi Everyone,
Thanks for the interest! I set up this page because I figured it would be easier to direct everyone here than risk getting all your e-mails mixed up.

Hope everyone enjoys the Oysterhead tour. Sounds like it should be great...

Best wishes,
Chris (


Bring 'em Back

Linoleum Block Print
9" x 12" - Yellow, Lime & Black
on 120lb. acid free paper.
Numbered x/50

Not sure how much good this poster will do, but personally I can't wait for the return of Phish, so I thought I'd put it down in ink. I guess this is my first propaganda print, although when no one disagrees with the point you're trying to make I'd say there's really no controversy.

Sold Out


Old Posters

Oysterhead 2001

Linoleum Block Print
11"x 17", Red, Black and Blue
on 140 lb. acid free paper.
Numbered x/35
Please read this message.

Trey 7/27/01

12" x 16" Blue and Dark Blue
on 120 lb. acid free paper.
Numbered x/25

Trey Summer 2001

Linoleum Block Print
11" x 17" Black, Red and Orange
on 90 lb. acid free paper
Numbered x/25


Again, in light of recent events, I have decided to sell a few posters from my own collection to help raise money for the rescue/recovery efforts. I'll start with these two and plan on adding a few in the near future. I tried auctioning them on ebay, but had the auctions ended as they don't allow raising of money through private auctions. (Who knew?)

I figure it's a nice way to give money and you'll get a little something in return. Every cent from the sale of these posters will be donated. In fact, an organization here is pledging to "match" any donations, and I will deposit the money there. So in turn, a $20 purchase will actually result in $40 donation.

Thanks for helping!

11" x 17"
Black print on thin yellow paper

Sold.. Thanks!

11" x 17"
Black print on pink stock
Sold. Thanks!