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Chicago, Cincinnati, East Troy, Noblesville, Columbus, Detroit and Toronto prints added to the Leg II section. Remember to sign up for the newsletter -- we're giving away a leg II print at the end of the tour, but you have to be signed up to be eligible.
The St. Paul print is up in the Leg II section. Sounds like a downpour in Kansas made it tough to keep prints safe and dry. In addition, Fargo prints didn't arrive at the venue for the show -- it will be interesting to see if these prints are offered at a later date through or Big Pop Posters.
The 6/12 Kansas City, 6/13 Council Bluffs and 6/15 Fargo prints are now up in the Leg II section.
Five new prints are up in the Leg II section.
Added the Irvine, CA print.
The Vancouver, BC and Mountain View, CA prints are up in the Leg II section. Those who wish to pre-order prints from Big Pop Posters should do so soon... Currently the NY, Las Vegas and Mexico City prints have sold out. In addition, less than 10 of the Missoula, Vancouver and Chicago prints remain.
Leg II started in Missoula yesterday! The new Ames print has been added to the Leg II section. Limited S/N prints went on sale this afternoon on Big Pop Posters. 80 signed & numbered prints from each show will be available with a price tag of $60 each plus shipping. Although this is quite a bit more than show price, given recent eBay auctions it doesn't seem to be such an outrageous cost. Also check out the new Poster Books section for some reading recommendations for the poster collector.
Our latest Newsletter was sent today. If you have not yet subscribed, or your browser does not support HTML, you can read it here. Remember -- everyone who subscribes below will be eligible to win a Leg II poster. Also, see the Question of the Month in the Newsletter for an additional giveaway.
The remaining 2003 Leg I posters (Albany, Cleveland, New Orleans, Sydney & Pittsburgh) have been added to the 2003 archive. Take a second to sign up below for the PJ Poster Archive newsletter. All new subscribers will be entered in a drawing for a Leg II poster.
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