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PJ Poster Archive Newsletter
Vol. 2 No. 1
In this issue:
News & Notes
Recent Ebay Highlights
Where to Find 'Em
In the News
Question of the Month
Welcome! With Pearl Jam back on tour, we're back with poster news. Sorry for neglecting you all for the last few months, we know how important we are in your lives. Now you'll finally be able to sleep again. We feel we'll be able to commit enough time to the site to keep it informative and up-to-date -- so look for more updates in the coming weeks. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to drop us a line. Also, if you received this newsletter directly, your name is on our mailing list and you've been entered into the drawing for a Leg 2 poster to be named later. If you're reading this on the site -- sign up for the newsletter on the main page and you'll be eligible too! Drawing to be held after the close of the tour.
News & Notes
The remaining 2003 Leg I posters (Albany, Cleveland, New Orleans, Sydney & Pittsburgh) have been added to the 2003 archive.
There is understandably a lot of interest in the 2003 posters, but don't miss other Ames Bros. prints up for auction including 1996 Ireland , 1996 Zurich , 1995 New Orleans , 1998 NYC , and 1996 Hamburg . Also, one of the classics is up for a starting bid of $350 -- the 1993 Neil Young/PJ/Blind Melon Kozik print. If you want to own one of the rarest PJ posters here's your chance. It will be interesting to see if this one sells, as it has been autographed. (Update 5/13: This poster did not sell, but has been relisted).
We switched servers today -- so finally no more ads! You should see increased download times as well. The links section has been updated with several new additions. If you have any ideas of sites that should be here, please e-mail us.
Several more 2003 US Leg I posters are up in the 2003 section.
Ebay Highlights
Close Price
Close Date
  1998 Troy/Chicago (Ames)
 Available from Ames Bros. for $125
  1995 Salt Lake City (Ames)
  1998 Denver (Ames)
 Available from Ames bros for $100
  1998 Boston (Ames)
Available from Ames Bros for $125
  1996 Dublin (Ames)
 Available from Ames Bros. for $225
  1992 Soundgarden/PJ (Kozik)


2nd edition, x/2500. $2000 @
  1996 Ft. Lauderdale (Getz)
  1991 RHCP/Nirvana/PJ (BGP51)
Where to Find 'Em
1996 Hartford (Ames)
Buy It at Positive Rock Art
1996 Seattle (Sutton)
Buy It at Phil-A-Arts
1996 Rome (Locci)
Buy It at Positive Rock Art
1999 Eddie w/Who (Uncle Charlie)
Buy It at Phil-A-Arts
Please see the Find/Buy section of the site for more prints -- this section will be updated with more soon.
In the News
Publication Article Title
May 13 A Rock Riot in NC
May 7 Eddie Unabriged
May 13 PJ Guitarist to Tell of Life with Crohn's
Question of the Month
After Leg I of the 2003 tour, it seems quite obvious that Ames Bros. as become the sole provider of Pearl Jam concert art design. We'd like to know what you think... Are you glad -- the designs couldn't get better... unhappy -- maybe a little diversification would be good... indifferent -- what's the difference as long as there's a poster at the show(s) you go to?
Please send all responses to us. We'll post some of the comments on the site and all who respond will be entered in a drawing for a handbill (art by Locci) from the 1996 Rome show.

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